Naiv. Super.

Naiv. Super. can be ordered through For more details, view the Naiv. Super. page on Nelsbok.

Bookstores may order volume discounts through Createspace

Jernvognen and The Iron Chariot

The price for Jernvognen is $20 each, plus postage and handling. The Iron Chariot is $15.95, plus postage and handling. Please email to order.

We will send you an invoice with the final charges, including postage and handling. Payment will be accepted in the form of personal check or PayPal.


Your shipment should take no more than 5 business days to reach you. A USPS Proof of Delivery attachment will accompany all orders.

For International and Express orders: For shipment outside of the United States or for Express Shipments, please email Nelsbok Publishing for charges. Consulting the USPS website may give you some idea of the charges for international and express shipments.

How to Order

  • To order by e-mail: send your book request to us at . Include the titles and the number of copies you wish to order. Kindly list your email address.