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Erlend Loe

JW Cappelens Forlag published Naiv. Super. in 1996. It has since enjoyed a long sales life in many languages throughout the world. Once you have read the book you will understand why. Erlend Loe tells a simple story in a charming, humorous style that moves smoothly between unpretentious observations, introspection, philosophical musings, and his impressions of some of the scientific speculations of Prof. Paul Davies.

Thousands of readers have been captivated by this deceptively simple novel. Its language is contemporary. Its meanings are many-layered and prompt thought and discussion on a variety of levels.

Erlend Loe was born in Trondheim, Norway in 1969. He has been involved in theater, worked as a journalist, and has been a substitute teacher. He has written several books, including Tatt av kvinner (1993), Maria og Josè (1994), Fakta om Finland (2001) and Doppler (2004).

Naiv.Super. is available on for $20 (US). Bookstores can order through CreateSpace direct.


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