In the autumn of 2000, I began translating a couple of books from Norwegian to English with an eye toward selling them to an American publisher. I quickly became aware of the intricacies and difficulties that were a part of such a project. After coming to terms with initial frustrations, I came upon the idea of publishing good, popular Norwegian literature using the column-reference format. This format is not an original one — at least one edition of the collected works of Shakespeare uses something similar, and many editions of the Bible use a center-column reference — but it is not one that I found in use in language-study books. Yet, as someone who has spent many hours flipping through dictionaries as part of my studies of Norwegian, I thought it would be a beneficial device that would appeal to those who are interested in Norwegian culture and devoted to learning the language.

Publishing books, while allowing me to sidestep some problems, has its own worries. But of course owning and controlling a business has its own pleasures and delights. Yet, I will receive the greatest satisfaction knowing that readers will be able to enjoy these books in the language in which they were written, and that they will continue to learn Norwegian at the same time.

James P. Jensen, Editor


I would like to thank the following contributors:

Dr. Margaret Hayford O’Leary
Professor O’Leary is Chair of the Norwegian Department at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Prof. O’Leary proof-read the manuscript and Ordliste, and made numerous improvements in both. She also tested the book as a text in her second-year Norwegian class at St. Olaf. Her contributions have been extensive and, for me, have made working on this book exceedingly enjoyable.

Sonja Van Guilder
Sonja graduated from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, with degrees in Studio Arts and Norwegian Studies. She has had broad experiences as a freelance illustrator, watercolor painter, and calligrapher, and works in a variety of media and styles. Naiv. Super. is her first professional effort at combining her two majors. She has two children and lives in Hudson, Wisconsin.

Leif E. Hansen
For more than 35 years, Mr. Hansen was Associate Professor of Norwegian at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was also the dean at Skogfjorden for 10 years. Mr. Hansen took the time to do a close reading of the text and made many valuable suggestions for improvement. I greatly value his experience and expertise.